Some Tools for Image Collectors


stic bundles a few Linux tools which are intended to support the task of collecting an unreasonable amount of pictures (preferrably in JPEG format).

You probably came here from a site related to yEnc binary encoding to learn about snntpbatch, a command line based NNTP (newsgroups) client. It is mainly intended for automatic download of images by use of a filter language. Nevertheless it also downloads the message texts and converts them to HTML code which includes the downloaded images. Also, it is capable of automatically posting sets of images to the newsgroups.

Now for getting this client software :

Download :
Obtain the source package. At least version 0.5. E.g.

Unpack :
Go to a directory which is suitable for creating a subdirectory stic-0.5 with finally about 10 MB (it will grow). For simplicity it is assumed that the tarball is stored there too. Execute:
$ tar xvzf stic-0.5.tar.gz

Read and do :
In stic-0.5/doc/README :
"Compilation and Installation"
then skip to
"Getting started with snntpbatch"
Read stic-0.5/doc/snntpbatch_helptext for examples and details.

Make sure that the decoder program can be found. Test this by executing :
$ syenc_decode -v
If not, copy it from stic-0.5/bin to a suitable directory.

Send questions and suggestions to :, Thomas Schmitt.

If you are interested in stic overall, see stic homepage (

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